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03 November 2012: Applebee's Restaurants have announced their annual salute to veterans. On Veterans' Day, Sunday 11 November, all active duty military members and all veterans will eat free.
26 October 2012: David Arras, 2nd Battalion, is the Association's newest Life Member. Welcome David!
8 October 2012: The Association welcomes Mike Hadfield, 1st Battalion, as a new Annual Member.
8 October 2012: ATTENTION AMERICAL DIVISION VETERANS. David Daniels who served with Bravo Company, 1/52nd Infantry, 198th Light Infantry Brigade, Americal Division in Vietnam during 1970, is trying to identify a picture of SP4 Anibel Lozada-Wichy. SP4 Lozada-Wichy, assigned to D Battery, 1-14 Field Artillery, was killed in action on 13 October 1970 along with Lt Lawrence Sullivan attached to 1/52 Infantry. If you recognize either of the men shown below as SP4 Lozada-Wichy, please contact David at dasajame@catt.com .


24 August 2012: David Laukat attended live fire training by 2-5 FA (1-14 FA's sister battalion) at Fort Sill. Photos are posted on the Steel Warriors page.
23 August 2012: Wolfgang Fleischer, 6th Battalion, is our newest Life Member.
13 August 2012: The Association's letter of sympathy sent to the family of Hank Sanders.


03 August 2012: The Association has learned of the passing of Hank Sanders on 30 July. Hank was a Vietnam Veteran, serving with 6th Battalion, 14th Field Artillery Regiment. He served the Association as it's Chaplain. His brother, Jasper, is an Association member. We extend our condolences to Jasper and all of Hank's family.
01 August 2012: On behalf of the Association, Rex Weaver presented a check to Central Texas College to honor the memory of our late colleague, and past Association President, Charlie Maldonado. A scholarship to a deserving military family member or active duty Soldier will be given in Charlie's name.


28 June 2012: Two new members joined the Association during the Reunion:
— Samuel Anderson, 1st Battalion, Life Member
— Leonard Gilliam, 14th Armored Field Artilery Battalion. Leonard is an Honorary Member as a World War II veteran of the Regiment.
23 June 2012: Items of interest from the Biannual Business Meeting of the Association:
   Officers for 2012 - 2014
   President: Rex Weaver
   Vice President: Geoff Buhlig
   Secretary: Bob Sorensen
   Treasurer: Roy Huff
   Quartermaster: Clarence Marrs
   Chaplain: Joe Goeke
   Webmaster: David Termin
   The 2014 Reunion will be held in
   New Orleans, LA.
   The 2016 Reunion, in conjunction with
   the 100th Anniversary of the Regiment,
   will be held in Fort Sill, OK.
   The position of Webmaster has been
   changed to an elected officer position.
21-24 June 2012: The 2012 Reunion of the 14th Field Artillery Regiment Association was held in Branson, MO. 80 members, wives, and guests, and 40 Soldiers and wives from 1st Battalion 14th Field Artillery attended the gathering.
14 June 2012: Assumption of Command ceremony for 1st Battlalion 14th Field Artillery Regiment will be conducted at Fort Sill on 27 June. 


12 June 2012: The Association welcomes our newest member, Joe F. Gomez, 6th Battalion.
22 May 2012: Second Lieutenant Tobias C. Alexander, A Battery, 1st Battalion 14th Field Artillery, was killed in action in Tarin Kowt, Afghanistan on 20 May 2012. Captain Jesse A. Ozbat, assigned to the 214th Fires Brigade, was killed in the same incident. The Association sends our condolences and prayers to the families of these brave Soldiers.
A Memorial Service for 2LT Alexander will be held on Thursday, 24 May at 1000 hours at Sheridan Theater, Fort Sill.
26 Apr 2012: Kermit Davis, C Battery 6th Battalion at An-khe in 1965, has contacted the Association through his granddaughter. Please see the Buddy Search page.
23 Apr 2012: Homer Spaulding upgraded his membership to Tri Annual.
23 Apr 2012. We now have 62 people registered for the Reunion in Branson, MO, 21-24 June. Go to the Reunion 2012 page to sign up.
18 Apr 2012: The Association welcomes our newest Life Member, Neal Thompson, 6th Battalion.
14 Apr 2012: Pictures from the Chapter 32, Special Forces Association meeting, hosted by 1st Batttalion, are posted on the Regimental Moments page.
11 Apr 2012: Beware of Scam Letter. Several sources, including Military.com, are reporting:
"A letter is making the circuit purporting to be from the Defense Finance Accounting Service (DFAS) asking military member's fiancées to register in the system entitling them to benefits in the event of the member's death. All for only a $350 fee. This is not a genuine DFAS letter -- it is a scam. The letter is a typical scam phishers use to try and obtain your personal information and, in this case, money. DFAS will never send unsolicited e-mail messages with attachments"

09 April 2012: A Letter of Commendation to B Battery, 6th Battalion, in September 1968 is posted on the 6th Battalion Reflections page.
07 April 2012: The Association welcomes our newest member, Dale Breckon, 6th Battalion.
01 Apr 2012: REUNION HOTEL UPDATE: The deadline for room reservations at the Reunion hotel is 14 May. Rooms for the Reunion are guaranteed to be available until that day. Rooms reserveed after 14 May rooms will be on a space available basis. MAKE YOUR RESERVATIONS NOW. Details are on the Reunion 2012 page.
28 Mar 2012: We are pleased to introduce our newest members:
      Alan "Al" Dingman, 6th Battalion, Life Member
     John Balasko, 6th Battalion, Life Member
     John Domina, 5th Battalion, Annual Member
     Alan Reed, 2nd Battalion, Annual Member
Welcome All!
10 Mar 2012: New Red and Blue 14th Field Artillery polo shirts are available at the QM Store.
07 Mar 2012: We welcome our newest Tri-Annual Member, John Kupillas, 6th Battalion.
17 Feb 2012: The Association has learned of the passing of Tom Polo on 22 Nov 2008.
11 Feb 2012: We welcome three new members to the Association:
Eric Kroah, 2nd Battalion, Life Member
    Loma Allen, 2nd Battalion, Life Member
    Robert (Bob) Bruce 6th Battalion, Tri Annual Member
08 Feb 2012: Rick Brown, 6th Battalion, joins the Association and will be attending the Reunion in June.
31 Jan 2012: The Association welcomes Robert Jones, 6th Battalion, as our newest Life Member.
05 Jan 2012: REGISTRATION FOR THE 2012 REUNION IS NOW OPEN. Join us in Branson, MO, 21-24 June 2012. Registration forms are available on the Reunion 2012 page.