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If you are a first time visitor to the site and you want to be added to the roster (even if you wish not to become an active member), all it takes is an email from you. The information you want to appear with your name on the roster is up to you.

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18 July 2024: Association member Colonel (Retired) William J. ("Jerry") Goos was inducted as the Honorary Colonel of the 14th Field Artillery Regiment at an All-Ranks Ball hosted by 1st Battalion 14th Field Artillery Regiment. Jerry, David Laukat, Clem Smiley and David Termin represented the Association at the event.

27 May 2024: On this Memorial Day, the Association remembers and honors the thousands of American Servicemembers who sacrificed their lives so that we can live in freedom. May God comfort the families who lost their loved ones, and may He continue to bless the great Nation that we were honored to serve.

2 January 2024: Hannelore Smiley, wife of Clem Smiley passed away this evening. Viewing will be held at the Becker-Rabon Funeral Home, 1502 NW Fort Sill Blvd, Lawton, 6:00-8:00pm on Monday January 8. A Memorial Service will be at 11:30am, Tuesday January 9 at the same location.

15 September 2023: LTC (Ret.) Charles Mitchell passed away recently. He commanded 6th Battalion from 1975 to 1977. His obituary is available online.

8 September 2023: HHB 1st Battalion 14th Field Artillery Regiment conducted a Change of Responsibility ceremony. 1SG Alexis Rodriguez assumed First Sergeant duties from 1SG James Rush. David Termin represented the Association at the ceremony.

2 July 2023: Debbie Laukat, wife of CSM (Retired) David Laukat, passed away yesterday. Services are scheduled for Wednesday, 5 July, at 10:00 AM at the Trinity Free Will Baptist Church in Oklahoma City, OK. David is a past president of our Association and is the Honorary Command Sergeant Major of the 14th Field Artillery Regiment.

30 June 2023: 1st Battalion 14th Field Artillery Regiment conducted a Change of Command Ceremony at Fort Sill, Oklahoma. LTC Anthony Allen assumed command from LTC Emiliano Tellado. Clem Smiley and David Termin represented the Association at the ceremony.

17 May 2023: The Association has canceled the previously announced reunion in San Antonio, TX, 22-25 June 2023.

27 September 2022: CSM Michael Augustine assumes Senior Non-Commissioned Officer responsibility of 1st Battalion from CSM Stephen Hammond.



23 September 2022: LTC Emiliano Tellado, Battalion Commander, and CSM Stephen Hammond, Command Sergeant Major, case the 1st Battalion colors prior to the Battalion's overseas deployment. The colors will be uncased upon the unit's arrival at the Area of Operations




23 September 2022: We are saddened to hear of the passing of Robert Wagner, 6th Battalion, earlier this year. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family.

7 September 2022: The Association welcomes Kevin O'Connor, 6th Battalion, as a Life Member.

5 July 2022: Check out six photos of A Battery, 4th Battalion posted on the 4th Battalion page.

3 March 2022: We welcome Mike McGlinn, 6th Battalion, as our latest Life Member.

20 February 2022: Association member John Auten, former commander of 1st Battalion, was recently promoted to Colonel. He will soon assume a new assignment with NATO Headquarters. We congratulate John and send our best wishes to him and his family on their new assignment.

19 February 2022: The 14th Field Artillery Regiment Association Board of Officers determined it is in the best interest of the Association and its members to postpone the Reunion planned for 21-24 April 2022 in Branson, MO. The decision is based on the concern expressed by members regarding the on-going COVID-19 pandemic. We will begin planning the next Reunion as soon as health officials and political leaders announce it is safe to resume normal group activities. Refunds will be issued to those who have already registered for the Reunion.

1 February 2022: The Association recognizes it's newest Life Member, Bob Sadusky, 4th Battalion. Welcome, Bob!

10 November 2021: Arrangements for the 2022 Reunion, 21-24 April 2022, in Branson, Missouri, have been finalized. See the Reunion 2022 page for details and to register.

27 October 2021: A new window sticker featuring the Regimental crest with Field Artillery Crossed Cannons in the background is now available for purchase in the QM Store.

15 October 2021: G. Richard Staychock upgraded to Life Membership. Congratulations, Richard.

24 June 2021: 1st Battalion 14th Field Artillery Regiment conducts a Change of Command ceremony passing command from LTC Andrew Hercik to LTC Emiliano Tellado. The Association was cited for its support to the Battalion in remarks by the Brigade Commander and both the incoming and outgoing Battalion Commanders. David Laukat, Clem Smiley and David Termin represented the Association at the ceremony.


LTC Andrew Hercik was awarded the Meritorious Service Medal by COL Ryan McCormack.


COL Ryan McCormack, Commander 75th Field Artillery Brigade, presents the Battalion Colors to LTC Emiliano Tellado.


LTC Andrew Hercik, outgoing Commander, bids farewell to the Steel Warriors.


LTC Emiliano Tellado, incoming Commander, addresses the audience.

16 June 2021: Upcoming Change of Command ceremony for 1-14 FAR:


1 June 2021: Laurie Tucker is looking for information regarding her father, David Lee Wright. David was assigned to 1/14 in 1970 in Vietnam. From Laurie:

We are searching for information about an award ceremony that took place on May 24, 1970 on LZ Bayonet.  The medals were awarded for actions as part of a reactionary force on April 1, 1970.  This reactionary force responded to an attack/hit on an outpost (Outpost #1—not theirs, but they were the closest to be able to help them). These men loaded up on a truck, left their perimeter, went through a gun battery and on to the outpost. It was on fire and they rescued several badly injured men from inside. They loaded them up and brought them back to the gun battery where the choppers met them to medevac them to Chu Lai.  We have some pictures of the award ceremony--though they are blurry.  Some of the last names of some of the other men who received awards--Fields (Jimmy?), Scott, Lee and Dodd. 


So—we are trying to find some evidence (pictorial, memos, names of men who could verify this, etc.) that would corroborate this.  Or anyone who remembers this.  

Can anyone help me?  Or can you point me in the right direction?  I’d be appreciative of ANY help you could give me!!

Please reply to Laurie.Charles.Tucker@gmail.com

9 May 2021: The Steel Warriors of 1st Battalion 14th Field Artillery Regiment return home to Fort Sill following their successful deployment supporting Operations Spartan Shield and Inherent Resolve. LTC Andrew Hercik and CSM Stephen Hammond uncased the Battalion colors signifying the unit's return to its duty station.

Clem Smiley, David Laukat and David Termin represented the Association at the homecoming ceremonies.



26 April 2021: Dale Hensley has a new email address: hens7844@gmail.com .

20 April 2021: Colonel Don Clay was laid to rest at the Central Texas State Veterans Cemetery in Killeen, TX. David Termin represented the Association at the services.

7 April 2021: Colonel Clifford D. ("Don") Clay passed away in Killeen, TX. Don commanded B Battery, 1st Battalion in 1965-66. The Association sends its thoughts and condolences to Mrs. Clay and Don's family.

Visitation is scheduled for Monday April 19 from 6pm to 8pm at the Crawford-Bowers Funeral Home, 1615 South Fort Hood Road, Killeen. Funeral services will be held Tuesday April 20 at 8:30am at the funeral home. Internment will follow at the Central Texas State Veterans Cemetery, 11463 South Highway 195, Killeen.

5 April 2021: From Rex Weaver...
"Base piece Btry A 1st Bn 18th FA Regt, 1st Cavalry Division on the Mang Yang Pass before redeploying to Plei Me in 1966. After arriving at Plei Mei we were re-designated as Btry D 6th Bn 14th FA Regt, IFFV Artillery and assigned as General Support to 1st Brigade, 25th Infantry Division."


(Photo courtesy of Rex Weaver)

25 February 2021: Soldiers from 1st Battalion participated in the International Defense Exhibition and Conference (IDEX 2021) in Abu Dubai, United Arab Emirates. During the exhibition the Steel Warriors met with Vice Admiral Samuel Paparo, Commander, U.S. Naval Forces Central Command, Brigadier General Keith Phillips, U.S. Defense Attache in Abu Dubai, and Sean Murphy, Charge d' Affaires at the U.S.Embassy in Abu Dubai.




13 February 2021: The Association welcomes Roger Balmer, 3rd Battalion, as our newest member.

4 December 2020: Saint Barbara's Day.


2 December 2020: In the CENTCOM Area of Operations, Captain Glenn Roser passes command of A Battery, 1st Battalion, to Captain Ken Ebner.



11 November 2020: Greetings from 1st Battalion: "The Steel Warrior Battalion wishes a happy Veterans Day to all who have served honorably. Stay strong as steel!"

2 November 2020: A tribute to Vietnam Veterans. Welcome Home, Brother.


(Courtesy:  Rex Weaver)

20 October 2020: A Battery, 1st Battalion 14th Field Artillery, conducts live fire training in the U.S. Central Command Area of Operations (CENTCOM AO).






5 October 2020: We welcome Albert Alfaro, 6th Battalion,  as an Annual Member.


21 July 2020: 1-14FAR Commander, LTC Andrew Hercik, and Command Sergeant Major, CSM Stephen Hammond, case the Battalion colors. The colors will be uncased when the Steel Warriors assume their deployment station in support of Operation Spartan Shield. The Association sends its best wishes to the Steel Warriors for a successful and safe mission. We thank each Soldier and Family Member for the sacrifices they are making to keep us safe. Godspeed Steel Warriors!

19 June 2020: Steel Warriors of 1-14FAR recently conducted air-land training by loading HIMARS launchers onto USAF C-130 aircraft at Fort Sill and flying to the Joint Readiness Training Center (JRTC) at Fort Polk, LA. Upon arrival at Fort Polk, the Soldiers offloaded the launchers and conducted "hipshoots". The mission concluded with reloading the launchers onto the aircraft and returning to home base at Fort Sill. Click here to view a video of the exercise.

6 June 2020: The 1-14 FAR Steel Warriors pay tribute to D-Day: "Steel Warriors remember that we are a part of a great Army legacy. Let us live and serve daily in a way that honors those who went before us. Strong as steel!"


23 May 2020: The Association welcomes our newest member – Eric Sims, 1st Battalion.

21 May 2020: In a unique dual Change of Command ceremony, CPT Julian Allison and CPT Justin Aid "exchanged" batteries. CPT Allison assumed command of HHB 1-14 FAR from CPT Aid, and CPT Aid assumed command of B Battery 1-14 FAR from CPT Allison. Click here for a video of the ceremony.

17 April 2020: CSM Stephen Hammond assumes Senior Enlisted responsibility of 1st Battalion 14th Field Artillery Regiment from CSM Paul Larsen. Video of the ceremony

29 March 2020:


25 March 2020: Joe Goeke, Association Chaplain offers a prayer to give us a spiritual lift during these unusual times. The prayer is on the Chaplain's Corner page.

25 March 2020: The 1-14 FAR exercises social distancing and maintains small group discipline during today's Staff-Sync in the Regimental Room.


Due to technical reasons, news posts from 12 November 2019 through 24 March 2020 are no longer available.

11 November 2019: The Association welcomes two new Annual Members:

      -- Johnnie Esquivel, Jr., 6th Battalion
      -- G. Richard Staychock, 6th Battalion

11 November 2019: A special Veterans Day tribute to Vietnam Veterans. (Courtesy Rex Weaver)


29 October2019: From Dave McMillian:
"Again this year, my wife, Jean, and I are planning to be at the Wall in DC on Veterans' Day. If any other Warbonnets are planning to be there, I would like to meet. Let me know." Dave's email is djm@optonline.net .

25 October 2019: A request regarding SP5 David Lee Wright, A Battery 1-14 FA, 1969-70:

" I am assisting my friend to find information concerning her father, David Lee Wright, that served in A Btry, 1-14th FA on LZ Bayonet from about June 1969-June 1970.  Specifically, he and 11 other soldiers were awarded the bronze star with V due to their response to an incident, we think, in April 1970.  The awards ceremony was on LZ Bayonet on or about May 24-26, 1970, with a Brigadier General being the presenting officer.  He was accompanied by a CW2 Buono.  There was a mix up on names and the orders meant for David Lee Wright actually had another soldier's name on them.  That soldier also had the last name Wright.  CW2 Buono told David Lee Wright that it would be corrected; however, David Lee Wright PCSed/ETSed in June 1970 and it appears the paperwork was lost (or never done) in transition.  David Lee Wright was a tow truck operator.  He was a SP5 but serving as an acting jack SGT.


He and his daughter are trying to find folks that might have a recollection of the incident and/or the awards ceremony to help him get things corrected for the record.


We'd appreciate any information that you might be able to provide. "

If you can provide any information regarding this request, please contact Chris White at cjwhite@fhu.edu.

30 August  2019: 1st Battalion invites Association members to attend the All Ranks Ball, Saturday 21 September at the Patriot Club, Fort Sill.


15 August 2019: The Association is pleased to welcome LTC John Auten as our newest Life Member. He is the former commander of 1st Battalion at Fort Sill. LTC Auten led the Steel Warriors during their successful deployment from December 2017 through September 2018.


14 June 2019: Today we celebrate the 244th anniversary of the United States Army.

4-9 June 2019: As the Nation commemorates the 75th anniversary of the D-Day Invasion of Normandy, we remember and honor the Soldiers of the 14th Armored Field Artillery Battalion who landed on Omaha Beach with the 2nd Armored Division. The colors of the 14th Field Artillery Regiment proudly bear the "Normandy" campaign streamer in tribute to our fellow 14th Field Artillerymen.

25 May 2019: The Association welcomes Curtis White Sr., 1st and 2nd Battalions, as our newest member.

18 May 2019: Dearl ("Butch") Kearns, 6th Battalion, joins the Association. Welcome Butch!

5 April 2019: CPT Julian Allison assumes command of B Battery 1st Battalion 14th Field Artillery. CPT Patrick Staha, the outgoing commander was awarded the Meritorious Service Medal. Clem Smiley represented the Association at the ceremony.


Cpt Allison receives the Bravo Battery guidon from LTC Hercik


Clem Smiley mans a Bravo Battery HIMARS launcher

29 March 2019: Today is National Vietnam Veterans' Day. The 14th Field Artillery Regiment Association recognizes every Soldier who served with honor and valor during the Vietnam War. "Welcome Home, Brother."

13 March 2019: Association member Clem Smiley received the Honorable Order of Saint Barbara medal from COL Stephen P. Carpenter, Commander, 75th Field Artillery Brigade. The award recognizes Clem's lifelong contributions to the Field Artillery and to the U.S. Army.


Clem Smiley with CSM Larsen, COL Carpenter and LTC Auten. At the far right is MG Kenneth Kamper, Deputy Commanding General, III Corps.

13 March 2019: LTC Andrew  M. Hercik assumes command of 1st Battalion 14th Field Artillery from LTC John M. Auten III. The Association welcomes LTC Hercik and we look forward to continuing a strong relationship with the Steel Warriors. We thank LTC Auten for the support he provided to the Association and wish him and his family all the best in the future. Representing the Association at the ceremony were Geoff Buhlig, David Laukat, Clem Smiley, Joe Goeke, Michael Schwank and David Termin.

LTC Andrew M. Hercik receives the Battalion colors from COL Stephen P. Carpenter, Commander, 75th Field Artillery Brigade.


Joe Goeke and David Laukat with descendants of Chief Satanta at the 1-14FA Change of Command ceremony.


12 March 2019: The Association welcomes Tommy Stewart, 6th Battalion as its newest member.

21 and 22 February 2019: Funeral services for Colonel Roger L. Bernardi, Honorary Colonel of the 14th Field Artillery Regiment, were held in Gainesville, VA. Burial services were held in Thomas, WV. Association members attending the services were Rick Brown, Bob Bruce, Joe Goeke, Jim Marlow, Tom Rezentes, Michael Schwank and David Termin. LTC John Auten, Commander, 1st Battalion 14th Field Artillery, represented the Soldiers of the 1st Battalion and the 14th Field Artillery Regiment. Flowers from the Association were present at both services.

12 February 2019: The Association Board of Officers has approved two actions to honor the memory of Colonel Roger Bernardi:

— A biographical plaque to be displayed in the 14th FA Regimental Room at Fort Sill.

— Expenditure of up to $100.00 for a flower arrangement from the Association to be present at funeral and burial services.

12 February 2019: Funeral services for Colonel Bernardi will be held at 1330 (EST) on 21 February at the Holy Trinity Catholic Church, Linton Hall Road in Gainesville, VA.

Burial services will be held at 1330 on 22 February at the Mount Calvary Cemetery in Thomas, WV.

8 February 2019: Colonel Roger L. Bernardi, Honorary Colonel of the 14th Field Artillery Regiment, passed away at 0108 EST. Information regarding services for him will be posted on this log when it is received.

The Association Chaplain, Joe Goeke, prepared a prayer for COL Bernardi. His prayer is on the Chaplain's Corner page.

The Association sends our warmest thoughts and prayers to Mrs. Marty Bernardi and to Ann and Jim.

10 January 2019: A Buddy Search request regarding Joseph E. May. From Jason Nye:

"I am the nephew of Joseph E. May (born in Troy, Pennsylvania).

Joe sadly passed away last year and our family is attempting to gain information regarding his military service.

The information I have to date:

Stationed at Ft. Sill Oct 64 through Dec 64.

Vietnam: Jan 66 through Jan 67 — Served with B Battery 6th Bn !4th FA. Was located in Pleiku, Kontum and Duc Co. Promoted to E5 during his tour. Possibly was a MACV Advisor based on pictures of im in uniform (MACV Patch).

Pictures of him in a ARVN Rangers Beret and a ARVN Paratrooper Beret.

Have pictures of a SP5 Allman, SP4 Sievers, SP4 Henning and PFC Tipton.

Would love to gain further knowledge of my uncle's service or talk with anyone whom may have known or served alongside him.

I can be contacted via email at choclab1415@comcast.net."

7 December 2018: The Association welcomes Clyde Boykin, 1st Battalion, as a new Life Member.

4 December 2018: From Rex Weaver, former Association President:
"Greetings to all stone hurlers, archers, spear clunkers, catapulters, rocketeers, gunners, and, missilers, on this birthday of our patron saint. Each of you are a unique member of the band of brothers. Thank you for your service. Tonight as the sun slips below the yardarm, please join me in lifting a glass in memory of our brothers and sisters that are waiting at Fiddlers Green. May God bless you all."

23 November 2018: From Dave McMillan.

"My wife, Jean, and I attended the ceremonies at The Wall on Veterans' Day. It was also the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I. This year marked the 25th anniversary of the Women's Memorial, so that was the theme of the special ceremony. The picture of Jean and me at of the wall was taken in front of the panel where the name of 1LT George T. Kelly, of  6/14 Artillery, appears. There is also a picture of us by the Three Soldiers Statue. This has become one of the "obligatory" pictures we take each year. The plaque in one of the other pictures is new. It recognizes those who died as a result of the war in Vietnam, but, perhaps, many years later, e.g. victims of Agent Orange. The day was a beautiful, crisp autumn day in Washington, DC. Jean and I plan to make the trip every year, as long as we are able."




We thank Jean and Dave for sharing their experiences and pictures with the rest of us.

15 November 2018: From Jack Gaudette: "Hello I just found your site and am so very proud to be a veteran of the 1st Bn, 14th Field Arty. I served from 1980 to 1986 most of my time in Germany. Just so nice to see part of my life is not forgotten. Thank you so much for this great site. I was in Garlstedt from 1980 to 1983. I was in A battery 1/14th. I was in FDC. Also have a few pictures. Nice to see you on here. This was my first time ever on this site. Thank you my brother for your service hope you and all you love have a great holiday season."

13 October 2018: From David McMillan: "Again this year my wife, Jean, and I are planning to visit The Wall in Washington, DC, on Veterans' Day. For those of you who have not visited The Wall, Veterans' Day is a great day to do so. Be sure to wear something showing your association with the 14th FA. If any Satanta Regiment alumni will be there, let's arrange to meet. There is always a very nice ceremony at 1:00. It will take place on Sunday, 11/11."

25 September 2018: The Association welcomes John Harris as our newest Life Member.

1 September 2018: This is a Milestone Date in the 102-year history of the 14th Field Artillery Regiment. The 1st Battalion Steel Warriors, having successfully completed their overseas mission, returned home to Fort Sill, Oklahoma to be reunited with their Families.

Ceremonies welcoming both flights were held in the Rinehart Fitness Center. Betty Washburn and her niece, descendants of Chief Satanta, attended. Their presence upholds the Regiment's Kiowa tribal heritage. The Association was represented by David Laukat, Clem Smiley and David Termin.

The Veterans of the 14th Field Artillery Regiment Association are proud of our legacy, the Steel Warriors. We are grateful for the safe return of every Soldier. We thank them and their Family Members for their service and sacrifice — at home and when deployed. WELCOME HOME.

More details of the Battalion's deployment and return, including photos and videos, are on the 1-14 FAR Returns Home page.

24 August 2018: The Association welcomes Alvin Jackson, 6th Battalion, as our newest member.

28 July 2018: Walter Felscher, 6th Battalion, joins the Association as our newest Life Member. Welcome Walter!

21 - 24 June 2018: The Association conducted its 2018 Reunion at Branson, MO.

The Reunion marks the end of the six-year tenure by Rex Weaver as Association President. We thank Rex for his leadership and for the successes the Association accomplished under his guidance.

We will return to Branson for the Reunion in 2020.

Officers for the 2018-2020 term were elected:

President: David Termin
Vice President: Tom Rezentes
Secretary: Bob Sorensen
Treasurer: Rick Brown
Quartermaster: Clarence Marrs
Chaplain: Joe Goeke

14 June 2018: Today is Flag Day and the 243rd Anniversary of the United States Army.

11 June 2018: An invitation to the Army Birthday and Flag Day celebration at Fort Sill on 14 June.


11 May 2018: Today is Military Spouse Appreciation Day. Members of the Association recognize the support our spouses gave during our military service and the sacrifices they made on our behalf. The Association gives a special salute to the spouses of 1st Battalion 14th Field Artillery Regiment as they make daily contributions and sacrifices while their Soldiers are deployed. Thank you Steel Warrior Spouses!!

8 May 2018: A reminder: the final day to make hotel reservations for the Reunion is 21 May. Registration details are on the Reunion Page.
1 May 2018: A request from Don Taber:

“I was a member of the 14th Artillery Battalion, 4th Armored Division, in Nuremberg, Germany from 1961 to 1963. We were quartered at Monteith Barracks, in Fuerth. I cannot remember the name of the colonel who was the battalion head. Anyone remember who that was?”

If you can answer Don's question, reply to him at rover1638@comcast.net.

24 April 2018: The Association has learned of two former members of the 14th Field Artillery Regiment who have passed away.

Charles "Mick" Odom who served with 6th Battalion in 1968 passed away 27 March 2017.

Joe Fridley was Chief of Smoke (Chief of Firing Battery) for Charlie Battery, 1st Battalion, 1967-1968. Joe passed away 12 April 2018.

9 April 2018: A film showing Soldiers of 1-14FAR in combat action. The film is narrated by LTG Michael Garrett, Commanding General, U.S. Army Central. LTG Garrett states: "This is the most precise application of firepower in the history of our Army."

3 April 2018: The Association has received word that Walt Smith passed away in March. Walt served with C Battery, 6th Battalion in Vietnam, February 1967 - February 1968. We extend our condolences to Walt's family.

29 March 2018: On this Vietnam Veterans Day, the Association salutes all Veterans who served in Vietnam. We thank you for your service and sacrifice. Welcome Home, Brother!

23 March 2018: A tribute to Vietnam Veterans: https://www.facebook.com/ae15dave/videos/1107635929257131/

6 March 2018: "Steel Warriors" of 1st Battalion 14th Field Artillery Regiment, on deployment, visited Sailors aboard USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN-71). More pictures of their visit can be viewed at https://www.flickr.com/gp/153000439@N04/21v21t


17 February 2018: David Weise, 5th Battalion has joined the Association as an Annual Member. Welcome David!

17 February 2018: Rick Brown upgraded his membership to Life Member.

3 February 2018: The Association is pleased to welcome Gary Howell as a new Annual Member.

2 February 2018: 1-14 FA Soldiers conduct a combat fire mission in support of Operation Inherent Resolve:


6 January 2018: We are pleased to welcome Fred Allen, 6th Battalion to the Association as an Annual Member

2 December 2017: The Association welcomes Dale Hensley as our newest Life Member.

1 December 2017: 1st Battalion 14th Field Artillery Regiment cased its Colors in a ceremony at Fort Sill. The Battalion will deploy to support Operation Spartan Shield and Operation Inherent Resolve and will unfurl the Colors when they are operational in the Middle East Theater of Operations. The Association wishes Godspeed to each Soldier and their Families. We look forward to welcoming the Battalion back home upon their return. David Laukat, Clem Smiley, and David Termin represented the Association at the ceremony.


LTC Auten, Battalion Commander and CSM Larsen, Battalion Command Sergeant Major, case the 1st Battalion 14th Field Artillery Regiment colors at Fort Sill. The colors will be unfurled when the Battalion assumes its position in support of Operation Spartan Shield.

Follow the Steel Warriors while they are deployed at:

11 November 2017: Robert Fulwiler (prkjava@verizon.net), formerly assigned to Metro Section, 6th Battalion, and later to B Battery, 6th Battalion, has provided photos and an excerpt from the 6th Battalion Daily Staff Journal detailing the overrun of A Battery at LZ Oasis on 30 October 1970. See the photos and the journal on the 6th Battalion page.

24 October 2017: 1st Battalion 14th Field Artillery Regiment will conduct a Casing of the Colors Ceremony prior to deployment. The ceremony will be on 1 December at 1000 hours at Rinehart Gym, Fort Sill. Association members are invited to attend. Click here to RSVP.


17 October 2017: From Dave McMillian:
"My wife, Jean, and I plan to be at The Wall in Washington, DC, on Veterans' Day. This marks the Wall's 35 anniversary. Are any other 14 FA vets planning to be there? If so, I would like to arrange a meeting point."

16 October 2017: Be sure to check this site as we finalize plans for next summer's reunion in Branson, MO.

A new slate of Association officers will be elected at the reunion. If you are interested is serving as an Association officer, please contact Roger Bernardi (colrogfa@gmail.com), David Laukat (americalvet@cox.net) or David Termin (14fawebmaster@gmail.com).

22 August 2017: The Museum of the United States Army has received our donation. The Association's name has been added to the Bronze Service Star level on virtual Veterans' Hall Wall on the Museum's website. 

5 August 2017: The 14th Field Artillery Regiment Association reached its goal to raise $2,500 for the Museum of the United States Army. A plaque recognizing the service and contributions of our Regiment, and its Soldiers and Veterans, will be placed in the Museum's Hall of Veterans. The Association's Board of Officers thanks all who participated in this worthwhile effort.

For more information about the museum, go to www.armyhistory.org

5 August 2017: Mark A. Sullivan, 1st Battalion, has joined the Association as a Life Member. Welcome Mark!

22 July 2017: The Association welcomes Frankie L. Smith as our newest Annual Member.

14 June 2017: We celebrate the 242nd Birthday of the United States Army. It's also Flag Day. 6th Battalion Veterans are keenly aware of the symbolic importance of 6-14!

10 June 2017: Joe Goeke, Association Chaplain has offered a special prayer for Vietnam Veterans and Veterans of the Vietnam era. Go to the Chaplain's Corner page.

7 May 2017: The Association welcomes John Sorvari, 2nd Battalion, as our newest Life Member.

21 March 2017: LTC John M. Auten assumes command of 1st Battalion 14th Field Artillery Regiment.

20 March 2017: Remarks from LTC Pete Sittenauer, outgoing 1-14 FAR Commander.

"Among the most memorable and

rewarding things about my time in command is spending it with the Regimental Association and the honor of participating in the 100 year anniversary of such a great organization."

The Association is grateful to LTC Sittenauer for his support. We wish him and his family best wishes for the future.

20 March 2017: From Gregg Malicki – " I wanted to pass on to my fellow 14th Field Artillery Regiment Association members that the Americal Division Veterans Association will be hosting the dedication of a monument to the Americal Division Artillery. 

The dedication will take place at Fort Sill on 10 May 2017 and other events are planned around that day and the next for attendees."

16 March 2017: 1st Battalion will conduct a change of command ceremony at Fort Sill on 21 March. Association members are invited to attend.


28 January 2017: We are pleased to welcome Gregg Malicki, 1st Battalion, as our newest Life Member.

14 January 2017: The Association welcomes Charles (Charlie) Brown, 2nd Battalion, as our newest Life Member.

1 January 2017: Kicking off the New Year with the announcement that John Large has renewed his membership. Welcome John!

22 November 2016: From David McMillan:

My wife, Jean, and I visited The Wall on Veterans' Day and attended the annual ceremony. While visiting, we wanted to locate the name of one of the soldiers from my battery (HHB) who was killed in a tragic accident on Artillery Hill. We walked up to one of the National Park Service volunteers to help us find the name. The volunteer recognized the 14th Artillery crest on my hat and shirt. It turns out that he served in the ammo section of Service Battery 6/14 from November, 1968, until January, 1970. This overlapped for a few months with my time in the battalion. His name is Tom Tabor. He said he went by the nickname, "Top." He has served as a volunteer at the Wall since 1986. I told him about our recent reunion. He seemed to be aware of the website. I told him to consider joining the gang in 2018. Does anyone remember Tom? When we visit the Wall, we are always hopeful that we will connect with someone who served with the 14th Artillery. So, this year's visit was very special.

26 October 2016: There is a new request from Skip Hughes on the Buddy Search page.

29 September 2016: Clem Smiley update. Clem continues to recover and is scheduled to return home on Friday 9/30. We thank David Laukat and Clarence Marrs for being with Clem while in the hospital, and we thanks the members of the 1st Battalion Steel Warriors who travelled from Fort Sill to Oklahoma City to visit Clem. 

27 September 2016: Clem Smiley is recovering from surgery. He is will return home later this week and is expected to make a full recovery. If you would like to send get well wishes to Clem and Hanne, their address is 125 SE French Road, Lawton, OK 73501.

20 August 2016: Art Miller, 6th Battalion, upgraded his membership to Life Member. Welcome Art!


5 June 2016: The family of 1LT Kenneth Kirkpatrick, B 1/14FA, has posted a request on the Buddy Search page.

1 June 2016: Rick Simmerman, 6th Battalion,  has upgraded to Life Membership. Welcome Rick.

27 May 2016: The Association welcomes John Coons, 2nd Battalion, as a Life Member.

21 May 2016: The Association welcomes our newest members Alex Reid who upgraded to Life Member, and Tomas Caraballo, Annual Member.

14 May 2016: Useful links.

To order a copy of your DD-214 from your service records, go to
www.archives.gov/veterans/military-service-records. [Provided by David Laukat.]

There is a resource with a very comprehensive collection of information on Vietnam at www-static.cc.gatech.edu/fac/Thomas.Pilsch/Vietnam.html. [Provided by Rex Weaver.]

These links will be published on the Links page.

12 May 2016: REUNION REMINDER. Hotel reservations at the Hilton Garden Inn using our Reunion rate need to be made NLT 26 May. Check the Reunion 2016 page for details.

3 May 2016: 1-14 FA conducted an Officer Professional Development class in the Regimental Room at Battalion Headquarters on Fort Sill. The class subject was the history of each of the six battalions of the 14th Field Artillery Regiment. Members of the Association participated in the class to add first-hand accounts of their experiences while serving in the Regiment. Representing the Association were: Rex Weaver, David Laukat, Loma Allen, Andrew Pearson, Geoffrey Buhlig, Clarence Marrs, Bob Sorensen, Clem Smiley, Jerry Goos, Joe Moehrle, and David Termin.

14 April 2016: VOLUNTEERS NEEDED. 1st Battalion at Fort Sill will hold an Officer Professional Development class on 3 May. The subject will be the HISTORY OF THE 14TH FIELD ARTILLERY REGIMENT. The Battalion is seeking veterans from each Battalion of the Regiment to portray their experiences from an historical perspective.

Although being present at Fort Sill for the class would be meaningful, it's not necessary. A conference call is being planned so participants can call in to participate.

If interested, contact David Laukat, Clem Smiley, or David Termin.

10 April 2016: Roy Huff, who has served as Treasurer since the Association was founded more than 10 years ago, has announced he is retiring from the position. The Association's officers and membership are grateful to Roy for his dedication and hard work and we recognize he is an important part of the Association's success.

WE NEED A VOLUNTEER TO SERVE AS TREASURER for the term that will begin at the Reunion in June. If you are interested in serving, please contact Roy at royhuff@utexas.edu or David Termin at 14fawebmaster@gmail.com.

29 March 2016: Today is Vietnam Veterans Day marking the day in 1973 when the final troops returned to the United States from Vietnam, signaling the end of U.S. involvement in the war.

To all who served in Vietnam, thank you for your service there and for your many contributions over the years following your return.

Welcome Home!

Click here for more tributes.

27 March 2016: The Association has received word that Colonel James H. Pierce, 6th Battalion, passed away on 25 March 2013. From his stepson, Bob Lundfelt, "...a true soldier...the Army was his life...he had a full military funeral...from Fort Knox...I will forward his obituary in the future...I wish he could have attended the 2016 reunion..." The Association sends our thoughts and prayers to Jim's family.

16 February 2016: Bob Bruce upgraded his membership to Life Member.

14 February 2016: Rick Brown, 6th Battalion, renewed his annual membership. Welcome, Rick!

9 February 2016: Dennis McMilian upgraded his membership to a Life Membership.

5 February 2016: We received a note from Tom Grinnell regarding the upcoming Reunion:
"Thank you for the e-mail and reunion form.  At this time, I will just send in a donation, to be used for the assistance of active duty soldiers and their family members, because I do not plan on attending the gathering.  I have been to Lawton/Ft. Sill twice, since 2004, and I have seen many places I went to back in 1964-65, so I have already “done that.”  There are at least a couple of guys I would like to see again, but I do not think I will undertake such a long journey for that.  Of course, I reserve the right to change my mind!  I have many good memories of Lawton/Ft. Sill, C/6/14, the people I knew, Charles Maldonado and more.

 Best wishes to you and the other Association members for a successful reunion."

4 February 2016: We welcome Lloyd Edens, 6th Battalion, who has renewed his annual membership.

30 January 2016: Registration for the 2016 Reunion and 100th Anniversary celebration is now open. For more details and to register for the Reunion, go to the Reunion 2016 page.

27 January 2016: We have received the sad news that our member Reggie Figueroa has passed away. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family.

25 October 2015: The Association welcomes Gary Hollis, 1st Battalion, as our newest life member.

5 October 2015: Gary Hollis has contacted the Association with the following request:
"My name is Charles Gary Hollis. During 1968 - 1969, I was with D Battery 1/14th Artillery, 198th Infantry, Americal Division. I am looking for history on D battery 1/14th Artillery for a VA claim for PTSD. I need locations of D battery." 

If you have any information that would be helpful to Gary, please contact him at gchollis19@gmail.com.

29 September 2015: The Association welcomes Donald Sylvester, 1st Battalion, as a Life Member.
7 August 2015: The Association welcomes its newest Life Member, Phillip Heater.

19 June 2015: The Association, represented by David Laukat, presents a bugle to Betty Satanta Washburn, descendant of Chief Satanta. The bugle represents a bugle captured by the Kiowa Tribe from Custer's 7th Cavalry.


4 May 2015: Bravo Battery 1-14FAR will conduct a Deployment Ceremony on 20 May at 1030 at Rinehart Gym on Fort Sill.

22 April 2015: Joyce Goeke, wife of our Association Chaplain Joe, passed away yesterday. Services for Joyce will be held on Saturday, 2 May at 1:00PM Central Time at the First Presbyterian Church in Litchfield, II.

Please remember Joe and his family in your thoughts and prayers.

19 February 2015: 1st Battalion 14th Field Artillery Regiment will conduct a Change of Command ceremony on 26 March at Fort Sill.


10 February 2015: A new request from Dearl ("Butch") is on the Buddy Search page.

23 January 2015: A new request from Allen Ham is on the Buddy Search page.

30 November 2014: Click here to see a Forum entry from Ben Youmans looking for information about a battle near Dak Seang in April 1970.

21 November 2014: 1st Battalion 14th Field Artillery Regiment held it's Dining Out in Lawton, OK.

During the event, Roger Bernardi was reinstalled as Honorary Colonel of the Regiment. David Laukat, accompanied by his wife Debbie, was reinstalled as Honorary Command Sergeant Major of the Regiment.

Clem Smiley was recognized for his outstanding service and contributions to the Regiment and has been designated a Distinguished Member of the 14th Field Artillery Regiment by the Secretary of the Army.

David Termin was the guest speaker for the evening. He spoke about how Soldiers' experiences in the Army give them the skills and tools to succeed in their lives after the Army.

Jerry and Shirley Goos also attended the event.

4 November 2014: Veterans Day is next Tuesday, 11 November. Several national and regional restaurant chains are offering free meals or coffee to Veterans on Veterans Day. Click here to see a list of participating restaurants (courtesy of David Laukat), and click here for a second list (courtesy of Dennis Proulx).

2 November 2014: 1st Battalion 14th Field Artillery Regiment "Steel Warrior" invite members of the Association to attend a Dining Out in Lawton on 21 November.

Tickets are $40.00 per person. RSVP to 2LT Rebecca Espinosa, Battalion S-1, NLT 7 November. 2LT Espinosa can be reached at 972-603-5545 (cell) or 580-442-2158 (work).


1 November 2014: Several Buddy Search requests have been added to the Buddy Search page.
  • Jim McCormack, HHB 2-14FA, 1968-70
  • John Berkoben, D Btry 1-14FA, 1970-71
  • Gerald ("Jerry") Meek, A Btry 6-14FA, 1969-71

25 September 2014: David Laukat has a new e-mail address: americalvet@cox.net .

15 July 2014: Donnie Scarbough from Seminary, MS, served as a Recon Sergeant with A Battery 1st Battalion in Vietnam from October 1967 to January 1968. He is seeking information regarding a mission in which he was airlifted into 3 LZ (or LZ 3) while serving under 1LT Howard Snyder. Donnie needs the information for a PTSD claim with the VA. If you recall any details regarding the mission, please contact Lawrence Austin at laustin@netdoor.com.

3 July 2014: The Association welcomes Art Sipes as a Life Member.

15 June 2014: An article about 1-14 FA's recent certification field exercise has been posted to the Steel Warriors page.

6 June 2014: Clarence Marrs' new e-mail address is clarencemarrs1947@gmail.com .

30 May 2014: Clem Smiley's new e-mail address is clem.smiley@yahoo.com .

26 May 2014: See Aaron Foster's request for information regarding Larry Kesler, KIA 25 June 1966, on the Buddy Search page .

19 May 2014: Joe Blackwell has new contact information. See the Active Members page.

9 May 2014: Clyde Boykin has renewed his Annual Membership.

5 May 2014: See Gary Berry's request for information on the Buddy Search page .

15 April 2014: The Association welcomes Alex Reid and Steve ("Doc") Weishaar as Annual Members.

17 March 2014: John Carter provided a photo of Bob Hamilton's Retirement Ceremony in 1990. See the 6th Battalion Reflections page.

9 March 2014: The Association welcomes Anthony Ciociola as a new Annual Member.

6 - 9  March 2014: The Association conducted the 2014 Reunion at San Antonio, Texas.

27 February 2014: The Association welcomes Einar Tyvela as our newest Life Member.

21 January 2014: Dedication and Tribute to the Vietnam Veteran.
(Provided by Rex Weaver)


06 January 2014: Gary Patton is the Association's newest Life Member, upgrading his membership from Annual Member.