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I am Your Flag. I am an American Veteran

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                                 I AM YOUR FLAG
I am the symbol of the Living America, the badge of its greatness, the emblem of its destiny.
I am faith. It is I who keep men mindful of their priceless heritage, Life, Liberty, and the right to pursue happiness.
I am hope. I represent the land of promise, wherein, already, man's loftiest dreams have approached closer to realization than ever before on this earth.
I am life. Each strand and fiber of my being is a memorial, dedicated to the sacrifices of all those strong men and steadfast women who have lived and died in the nation's service, that it might live forever.
I am tolerance So long as I shall wave, all people under my protection may freely worship, think, write and speak, undaunted by the shadow of fear.
I am justice. Tempered with mercy, for I am friend to the oppressed and downtrodden of every land.
I am a sign of the future. I wave over schools throughout the nation and, in them, the nation's future is molded.
I am the flag of the United States, ....the last....The best hope for peace on earth.
                                              Author Unknown
I have served and fought in the countries of Europe and in the islands of the Pacific. I have been present in peace and war throughout the Middle East and Southeast Asia. I have been there when America called.
I am humbled in the presence of the Flag of our Nation. I stand at attention and render honors to this memorial dedicated to the sacrifices of the men and women who have lived and died in the Nation's service.
I know of camaraderie, the bond forged and strengthned by men and women from every walk of life, born in years gone by, living in my being forever.
I know of hardship and loneliness and have needed to reach deep to overcome what must be endured. The fear of what I have witnessed and the over-bearing memories linger within my soul.
Now, tempered with age and experience, I watch with pride, those that have assumed the duty of guardians of freedom. I am an American Veteran.
                                    D.R. (Bob) Hamilton