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Buddy Search

Looking for an old buddy? This page is a listing of old buddies that old buddies are searching for.

If you are looking for an old buddy, send the information you have to 14fawebmaster@gmail.com . It will be posted here. You never know when your old buddy will happen across this website and see that he is being searched for.
If you are reading names on this page and recognize a person being searched for, please contact the individual concerned. It means a lot.
You DO NOT have to be a 14th Artillery vet to have information posted here. If you are searching, we want to help!
If you should get into contact with whom you are looking for,as a result of this Buddy Search, please provide us some feedback. It would be appreciated.

A request regarding SP5 David Lee Wright, A Battery 1-14 FA, 1969-70:

" I am assisting my friend to find information concerning her father, David Lee Wright, that served in A Btry, 1-14th FA on LZ Bayonet from about June 1969-June 1970.  Specifically, he and 11 other soldiers were awarded the bronze star with V due to their response to an incident, we think, in April 1970.  The awards ceremony was on LZ Bayonet on or about May 24-26, 1970, with a Brigadier General being the presenting officer.  He was accompanied by a CW2 Buono.  There was a mix up on names and the orders meant for David Lee Wright actually had another soldier's name on them.  That soldier also had the last name Wright.  CW2 Buono told David Lee Wright that it would be corrected; however, David Lee Wright PCSed/ETSed in June 1970 and it appears the paperwork was lost (or never done) in transition.  David Lee Wright was a tow truck operator.  He was a SP5 but serving as an acting jack SGT.


He and his daughter are trying to find folks that might have a recollection of the incident and/or the awards ceremony to help him get things corrected for the record.


We'd appreciate any information that you might be able to provide. "

If you can provide any information regarding this request, please contact Chris White at cjwhite@fhu.edu.


From Skip Hughes:

"Does anyone have any information about Col. Scribner 4/14 Commander at Ft. Sill around 1970-1971. Also 1st Lt Bill Cheek was the FDO in the Battery that I was the EX in. Please contact James at skiphughes172@charter.net.


From Kyle Kirkpatrick, son of 1LT Kenneth Kirkpatrick:

"My family is interested in connecting with anyone who served with my father 1LT Kenneth LeRoy Kirkpatrick (deceased) during his tour of duty with B Btry 1/14 FA in Vietnam Oct 1967 - Oct 1968. At that time B 1/14 FA was attached to the 198th Light Infantry Brigade, deployed as a unit from Fort Hood through Oakland and DaNang to Chu Lai in October 1967, to become an element of the Americal Division headquartered in Chu Lai. My father, then age 27, was a forward observer.

What little the family knows is that he often observed from helicopters. He had nicknames "Kirk" and "Ken".  His hometown was Great Bend, KS. The family has found references to "LZ Dottie" and a location "Cherry Hill" in film or paper in the family archives. The family is especially interested in meeting any 2016 14th FA Regiment Association Reunion attendee(s) who served in B 1/14th in Vietnam whether they knew my father or not.  Please contact Kyle Kirkpatrick by email: kylekirkpatrick@yahoo.com



From Dearl ("Butch") Kearns:

"I am looking for Allen Callahan. We were at Ben Het together in 1970. He was in Ammo, I was in Gun Section 3. I would like to contact him.

I was in B Battery 6/14 from Jan 1970 until deactivation. I would like to contact anyone who was there at that time.My name is Dearl Kearns, nickname is Butch. I'm from West Virginia. My email is butchk1949@yahoo.com .

From Gerald ("Jerry") Meeks' daughter, Lisa:

"I am a daughter of a Vietnam Vet who is looking to make contact with others who served with him! His name was Gerald "Jerry" Meek but his nickname was Weiner! He was in from December 1969 through March of 1971. He was injured in combat on 10-31-70. He was with an artillery unit, A Battery, 6-14 FA, that was in Pleiku. His basic training was in Fort Polk , LA and then he went to Fort Sill, OK. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks Any help would be appreciated! Thanks."
Lisa's e-mail address is meekl37@yahoo.com.

From John Berkoben's son, Chad:

"I was trying top find anyone who served with my father John Berkoben in 70-71 . 1st Bn 14 Arty D Battery. He talked about  a guy named Glen Lemon before . . I have pics of other guys he was with but don't know any of their names .. Thank you. Chad Berkoben." Chad's e-mail address is cberkoben@windstream.net. 


From Jim McCormack:

"My name is Jim McCormack HHB 2/14th Arty 1968-70 looking for old friends." Jim's e-mail address is junkyjim1948@yahoo.com.


From Aaron Foster:

"My name is Aaron D Foster retired US Army.  Larry Kesler and I were born and raised in LaGrange, GA.  We went to high school together and both planned to join the Army after graduation in 1964.  I joined on August 5, 1964 and Larry a couple of weeks later.  I was in Vietnam during the time Larry was KIA on June 25, 1966.  I would like to talk to anyone who served with Larry in Vietnam, and especially anyone who was present at the time of his death.  I still see Larry's face daily 50 years after we graduated from high school.  Any info you can provide will be greatly appreciated.  I can be contacted at adf1927@icloud.com or 678-634-4916."

From Gary Berry:

" I am looking for anyone that served at the 6 /14 Artillery, B Battery, Ben Het Vietnam 11/1968 to 1/13/1970.  175 mm Gun I think I had the #1 gun.  William Davis of South /North Carolina,   _______ Crowley? of South/North Carolina

and myself Gary Berry from Nebraska were wounded in June 1969. I think William Davis took over after me as Section Chief."

Gary can be contacted at vso@merrick.nacone.org

From Larry Carter:
"I am looking for Gene Horst, Andrew Hernandez or anyone who served with me in HHB 1/14 Arty LZ Bayonet  1969 and 1970.   I was in the commo section.  There was a guy, maybe in S3, that served with me at Fort Bragg in the 4/73 Arty and also in 1/14 Arty.  Sorry but I don’t remember his name but would like to make contact."


From Heidi Doyle:

"My brother, Wilfred Small, was in B & C Battery 6/14 in 1972-73. Wondering if any of his friends remember him. He was a short, red haired, freckled face guy who was murdered while stationed at Merrill Barracks"

If you knew Wilfred, please contact Heidi at hdoyle0611@yahoo.com.


From James Hughes:

"Does anyone have any information about Col. Scribner 4/14 Commander at Ft. Sill around 1970-1971. Also 1st Lt Bill Cheek was the FDO in the Battery that I was the EX in." Please contact James at

From Chris Jensen:
I was an Army photographer with the 221st Signal Company and part of a four-person team at Kham Duc when the sappers attacked in August 1970.
We were in the position where the Quad 50 had been located.
I believe we were just in front of Bravo Battery of 1/14th.
Couple of reasons I'm asking.
1) I have a few photos people might like. I'm happy to share them if people would like copies.
2) I also have film of the aftermath of the sapper attack. Not very pretty, but some people might be interested. It has been posted on Youtube. You can find it by search for something like sapper attack kham duc 1970.
3) Since it was posted some relatives of the dead sappers saw it. They are asking for help in locating the grave. My recollection is that the bodies were dumped in a bomb crater way outside the wire. A few guys from the 155 battery have been helping.
We're not very fond of the Vietnamese government (apparently a lot of Vietnamese are not either based on a story today in The New York Times) but these are just relatives.
I've attached a map that some GI from Kham Duc drew a long time ago. It was apparently sent to the VVA and they sent it along to the Vietnamese government. But some of us think that the place he marked as the gravesite is off and our X is more accurate.
Can any of your guys help?
This might encourage the Vietnamese government to continue and accelerate helping find our guys.
I also have some of my photos available at a dropbox if anyone is interested. They can be downloaded by clicking on the links below:
Chris Jensen
Bethlehem, NH
My name is Larry Gates and I am looking for my infantry company's FO, 1st LT Graham Allen (Atlanta GA). He served with me in Co C, 5th/46th Inf Bn, 198th BDE, Americal Division (Chu Lai) during January/February 1971. He would probably remember me as 'lg'. We were in a fire-fight together while on a benign water patrol. He may be able to help me with a VA claim.
His RTOs were Marcus Lutz and Don Garcia. If anyone knows the whereabouts of any of these men, please let me know.
Kermit Dean served with C Battery, 6th Battalion at An-Khe in 1965. He was with Edward Joujon-Roche, the first  Battalion KIA. He remembers serving with PettyJohn from Georgia, Goodwin from Pennsylvania, SGT Latin, SGT Peoples, Wood from Kentucky, and Whitaker, a policeman from Los Angeles.
He would also like to contact any living relative of the Roche family.
Anyone who knows or served with Kermit is asked to contact his granddaughter at chandlerp@goldmail.etsu.edu.

The family of Charlie Winter would like to hear from anyone who served with the 14th Armored Field Artillery, 2nd Armored Division, in Germany 1951 - 1953. Contact Raymond Winter at rcwinter1@suddenlink.net. 



A message from John Mendyk:
Hi, My name is John Mendyk and I served in Viet Nam Feb.67, Feb.68 I was the #2 man in the 1st gun section (175 ) Battery A 14th Artillery 1st Field Forces. Looking for my old buddies Pat Burke,  Sgt. Dillard, James Northern, Johnny Cagle and any the guys that may have served with me. Capt. Miller was our 2nd LT. and I will never forget the Tet when we shot direct fire. Hope all is well with all my old friends.

John Mendyk

A message from John Ziska:
I am searching for a photograph(s) and anyone who may have served with and additional information for PFC Richard Edward Tamer, C Btry, 6th Bn, 14th Artillery, 52 Arty Group, I Field Force, USARV, KIA 5/21/1969.
Richard Tamer was the guitar player in my high school band (Parma Senior High School) in 1963.
FYI - I served in the 19th Engineer (Combat) Battalion, 18th Brigade, 45th Group in Qui Nhon & Bong Son, Viet-Nam. My time was Sept 1966 - Sept 1967.
I was one of the fortunate who returned  home.
Any help or assistance you can provide would be greatly be appreciated.
Welcome Home !!!
Best regards,
John C. Ziska
E-Mail: johnz442@oh.rr.com
440-781-0456 Cell


The Association has received the following message from William Van Cook:

My brother 2nd Lt Donald Van Cook C Bat 6th Btln 14th FA was killed on June 4 1969, apparently by rocket or mortar fire. I am looking to correspond with anyone who knew Donald and can shed any light on his time in VietNam. 
Thank you all for your service."


The Association has received a request for information regarding Robert Emil Ehrhardt who served with D Battery, 14th Field Artillery Regiment at Camp McCoy, WI (near Sparta, WI) in the mid 1920s. Anyone with information regarding Mr. Ehrhardt please contact the Association webmaster at termind@verizon.net
Anyone with information regarding Gary L. Phillips, B Battery, 4th Battalion, 14th Field Artillery, please contact Dana Milner at dana.milner@hp.com
From Mark Korolevich:

I'm looking for some buddies I had in 6th 14th FA at Pinder Barracks in the mid 70's.


Looking for Ernest "Uncle Ernie" Hosea, "Skip" Jensen and "Red" Robinson. I would really like to hear from you guys.

Contact Mark at markkorolevich@hotmail.com

From Gilbert Moreno:
I served with A Btry,  6/14 Arty from Jan 1966 Jan 1967.  I was in the 2nd gun section and then transferred to the FDC.  We were all over the Ia Drang Valley and went to Tuy Hoa and back to the Ia Drang.  Would like to hear from anyone who was with us.
Gilbert can be contacted at ALTATANG@aol.com .
Tonya Warren writes:
My father's name is Alfred Lawrence Rice.  He went by Lawrence while in the army.  He served in C Battery, 6th Battalion 14th Artillery in 1963-1964. He needs to find a gentleman he was in a truck accident with while he was there. He desperately needs a list of the gentlemen who were in his unit.
He has written several letters to the National Public Records Center in St. Louis Missouri and has not received the information he needs. He only wants a list of names of the men who were in his unit in hopes that he can find some of these men.
The accident happened in late 63 to mid 64 on the army post at Fort Sill. The gentleman my father was with pulled maintenance on a truck and they took it out for a test drive. The truck got out of control and turned over in a field. My father said he believes the gentlemen was a PFC like him. My father went before a board a few hours after the accident. Thank you again for taking the time to help us.
If anyone remembers Lawrence Rice, or remembers the accident Tonya describes, please contact her at al_tonya@bellsouth.net.
From David Meredith:
I noticed an E-mail from Bill Jones on 16 Jun 2007; saying "I was in the detached Metro unit of HHB 6/14 from July 1969-August 1970."  I would like to respond as I served in the same unit with Bill Jones July 1969-July 1970. 

We served with Gary Patten, Ramon Ruiz, Richard Dunk, Jimmie Stamm, Gary Howard, "Ski" Kukczyski, Johnny Ping, Marvin Green, "Thor" from Alaska, the guy who drank a six-pac of Coke every day, and guard dogs "Mouse' and "Furbie". 
David  Meredith
3607 Red Oak Dr
Boise, ID 83703-4123
John Callahan is trying to identify the soldier in this picture from 2-14FA at Monteith Barracks in Nuernberg, 1964-65. John recalls they served together as Gate Guards. If you recognize him, please contact John at johncallahan@prodigy.net.


Patrick Crocker is looking for anyone who served with him in 1st Bn, 14th FA on LZ Gator, LZ Boxer, etc. during July, 1969 - May 1972. Patrick can be reached at PatrickLivesHere@aol.com.


If anyone knows how to contact David Rowe, PSNCO for 6/14FA at Pinder Barracks 1973-76, please contact Mike Standifur at standifur3@yahoo.com.
From Arthur Coogler:
Subject: Fallen 6/14th Arty soldier - 1969
I am seeking information about the Vietnam service and death of a good friend, 2LT Donald Van Cook, who was killed on 4 June 1969 and served with C Btry, 6/14th. He arrived in RVN in December 1968. I had heard, but not officially, that he had been an FO for almost 6 months and was moving to a base camp job when he was killed by a mortar or rocket attack. Could he have been at FSB Athena? Does anyone remember anything about him? Thank you and Welcome Home. Art Coogler, 173d Abn Bde, II Corps, 1970.
If you have information regarding Lt Van Cook, please contact Art at carpedm2005@yahoo.com .
Harold ("Doc") Nobile would like to contact anyone who served with the 14th Field Artillery during 1959-61. Doc served with Headquarters Battery. You can send him an e-mail at at docnobber@aol.com
From Ron Stiffler:
"I was with B Battery at Bien Het from 68 -69 also Dakto, Fire Base 13, was AG on gun 2 named Bitter End other guns were Born Free , Buccaneers, Brand X my name is Ron Stiffler (Stiff) from PA. Looking for Wolmack last heard he was in Texas,smitty from NY, Jerry Gray KY, Billy Rae Coates, Texas, Indian was are section chief , I can see your faces but your names are long forgotten ( i'm the dude who started painting the names on barrel ends then gun1 and 3&4 did same) Stiff........"
A message received from Jim Breece 01 Nov 07:
" I served with "Hq Btry, 14th AFA, 2nd Armored Division" in Baumholder, Germany from April 1955 to December 1956. I had assumed the 14th was deactivated with the Division and was surprised to learn that it is still serving."
Jim Breece
Counter Mortar Section (Radar)
You can reach Jim at jlbreece@alltel.net
Francisco (Frank) Tapia sends the following mesage:
"Just wanted to let you know that, I was very proud to have served with the 6th/14th. Charlie Battery in Kontum, RVN. And even if I'm not an active member, because at this time I not able join I hope to some day. This is to all the Men I served with, it was an HONOR to have been there with you. God Bless you all."
Francisco Tapia
You can reach Frank at frank.tapia@sbcglobal.net

E-Mail received from Bill Jones on 16 Jun 07:
 I was in the detached Metro unit of HHB 6/14 stationed in Kontum, Plei Djerang, and Tanh Canh,(Dak To) from July 1969 until Aug. 1970.  I'm looking for any members of our unit.  Some names are:  Richard Dunk, Jeff Dahl, Marv Green, Mark Main, "Rat" Ratkowski, "Ski" Kulczyski, Stamm, Jim Patton, Ramon Ruiz.  Thanks.  SP5 Bill Jones
Bill's E-Mail: brtj68@mindspring.com
Joe Blackwell is looking for 1-14th Arty vets from Ft. Hood, 1961 to 1964.  We went on Operation Big Lift to Germany in 1963.  It would be nice to find some of these guys for the next reunion at Ft. Hood, I'll be there. If anyone can help me I would be forever thankful. Looking for Marcos Reyes, from Pasadena, TX,  Kenneth L Wilson, Springfield, OH,   Steve B Rash, Newland, NC, Kenneth F Brown, Zionville, NC, and  Earl Sandlin, McKee, KY.  I've searched for 40 years, we're getting older now.  I hope we can meet one more time.  These are their last known addresses. Thanks.  Joe Blackwell.  jb14755@windstream.net
Steve Murray is looking for information regarding 1-14 FA from Fort Stewart, GA during the mid to late 1980s. Please contact Steve at swdsmurray@optusnet.com.au.
SP4 Alan Watson is looking for "old" buddies from A-Btry.  6-14FA at Pinder Barracks.  He was stationed there from Sept. 1974 through April 1976.  He was in section 3 (Third Herd) and drove M109 Howitzer A-17.  He remembers David Kosulandich, John Roache, John McKune, John Harmond, John Monte, Bilbrey, Sgt. Roper, "Waldo", Perkins, Harding, and others.  Please contact Alan at harveyman@charter.net.
Rick Patrick is looking for anyone who was assigned to HHB, 6-14FA at Pinder Barracks in Germany, 1975-78. Rick was in the FDC. Contact Rick at dauphinpilot@gmail.com
David Setterberg is looking for John Cisar.  Medic with C/6-14, 1969-1970. Please contact David at dsetterberg@wavecable.com
E-mail message received from Glenn Palmer on 27 Sep 06:
Howdy Folks,

I'm Glenn Palmer, was known as Pepsi Cola (code name) and Pepsiman at Ben Het from late '69 to late in '70.

Was also known as “RENO” as in Nevada. Was on my helmet.

I was the service/repair  tech out of Pleiku (62nd maint Btn.), that was permanent TDY to the Fire base.
Hooched and worked with 2nd Section and Sgt. Hill most of that tour and stayed with Ammo Section for awhile before it was turned over. Would be very interested in trying to locate some of the buddies from the Nam. Lost track of everyone after Ben Het was turned over to the ARVNs about October of ’70.  I came back to the world in Dec. of ’70.

Was also at Fire Base Oasis for a short stint to repair some of the guns after a sapper attack in Oct. or Nov. ‘70

Glenn's e-mail address is glennp@palmer-pursuit.com
Frank Thompson (SGT Tiny) needs information regarding a unit move from LZ MaryLou to Kontum.  If you can help Frank, contact him at ladyriver2000@yahoo.com
Looking for Billy F. Pepper, Athens, Alabama, Wounded in Action (Burned) Nov 1965. Contact Bob Lund at bear6088@direcway.com , or (218) 525-9840
Looking for these men from C Btry, 6-14FA, 1967-68; Mess Sgt Frick, "Griff" or Griffin(Cook), Lynn Davis (Cook), Floyd (Cook), Michael Silvas (Cook). Contact  Walt Smith at shamrock309@aol.com , or (405) 634-1314
Looking for Mark Nettlingham & Doug tackett. Contact Dan Fisher: poorbiker@yahoo.com
Does anyone know where these men are? Pete Koones (not sure of spelling), was commo section chief about 04/1969-believe he went home late 69.
Herb Gunderson--was an FO with me in 1970; His dad was USAF on the B52s out of Guam. Contact Hank Sanders at: sanders_hank@sbcglobal.net
I am looking for anyone who knew my dad, Jerry Clark, forward observer, HHB, 14th Arty, 70-71. Please contact me, his son, mclark1496@hotmail.com
"I have been looking for a buddy off and on over the years. His name is Mike McConnell (I think the spelling is right). We were together in the Metro Section in Vietnam in 1966. He was from Oakland, CA and at the time I was from LosAngeles. Haven't heard a peep from him since". Contact Tom Anderson at tda6160@adelphia.net
"I am searching for my Grandpa...Robert Lee Scott, he was stationed in Germany in the 1950s, 14th Field Artillery Battalion, Baumholder...please email me any info on him...He married my Grandma, Rosalinde Volz in Germany, 1955." jstarkey@prairieinet.net
"My name is Richard Johnson. I am looking for a buddy of mine. His name is Jerome W. Randloph. I do not remember what rank he was but we were in Vietnam together. If you remember me please send me a letter to PO Box 481, Heangar, AL 35987. I use to call him Jerry and he called me Johnny, but my name is Richard Johnson. I was in 661 Ordnance in 1965 and 1966 and I was a PFC. I would really like to find him and get in contact with him. Please pass this on to anyone that may know him or me. He was from Copper Hill, TN".
"I would like to hear from the following personnel I served with in C Btry, 6-14 in Vietnam from 1965-66"
   Kieth Hogland, 2LT, FO
   Malclm Basham, 1LT, XO
   SSG McFadden, 1st section chief, latter SFC in Ft Sill, about 1970.
Contact me at Bdholder2@aol.com
SVC Btry 6-14 Pleku. "Looking for any brothers of SVC Btry, Pleku, 10/05/70-11/30/70. I was a gunner on escort jeep, also driver on 8", LZ OA'S, with 7-15, most my time with 6-14. LZ OA'S from 12/11/70 to 02/06/71. Would love to hear from you guys. This is a great site my brothers. I was lost but now found welcome home"what a great day."" smitty78@bellsouth.net   (G. Smith)
I am searching for anyone who has contact with any of the following individuals:
CPT Anderson                        SGT Smith
SFC VanAllen                          SGT Taylor
SGT Sugzda                            SP4 Traylor
SP4 Ricks                                SP4 Ashey
SP4 Anderson                         PFC Biddy
SP4 Flannigan                         PFC Withman
PFC McDonald                         PFC Billups
SP4 Vanni                                SP4 Littler
SP4 Harkey
WO Smith
"These were all guys I served with in 1968, Pleiku, RVN, S4 Section, 6th Bn, 14th Arty. I was known as Charles "Mick" Odom."
Please call if you have any info on the above men. 219-866-3748/ 219-866-0787
Mick Odom, 301 S. Van Rensselaer, Rensselaer, IN 47978
Looking for Frank Dale, served in Vietnam 1972, possible commissioned officer, 626-589-0533.
I am looking for buddies that served in the 1st Bn, 14th FA, Ft Stewart, GA from 1987 to 1989.
Thad Nofke                  Steve Owens
Tyler Treichel               Keith Legg
Chuck Wiseman           Ben Grace
Tony Metcalf                "Buster"
Martin Mayhew
Contact John Jones at jones23express@hotmail.com
Looking for SGT Claude Moore. We served together Ft. Sill-Pleiku. 1965-1966 in A Btry, 6-14FA. last heard from when he was stationed in England. Contact Homer Spaulding: h_me@yahoo.com , Home: 843-871-1916: Work, 843-574-6333.
Glen D. "Butch" Tomek, 1LT (FO). Am looking for anyone who knew Butch. He was killed while attached to Co. D, 1st Bn, 52d Inf, 198th Lt Inf Bde, 18 April 1969. He was assigned to Btry B, 1-14FA. Have located tributes from a P. Savoy and an Alan Johnson. I believe both were grunts from Co D, 1st Bn, 52d Inf. Bob Crider; BCrider@vfw.org
My name is Joseph Moehrle. Looking for buddies who served in Germany, Monteith Barracks; Nov 60-Feb 63. My email address is citybilly65@aol.com  Looking to hear from anyone from A Battery, 2d Howitzer Battalion, 14th Artillery.
I recently purchased a belt buckle that reads: SGT 1st Class Robert J. Martinjak, RA 16335402, Motor SGT, A Btry 14th AFA, Chicago 23 Illinois. I was wondering if any information could be provided about this and about the man? tomhanah@yahoo.com  {Webmaster Note: His serial number is close to mine; so probably went into the Army thru the Chicago induction station in the late 1950's, and based upon the 14th AFA, was probably with the 14th Armored Field Artillery at Ft Hood, Texas.
I was in A Battery 6-14 at Pinder Barracks, 1973-Oct 1976. I am looking for an old friend. I unfortunately forgot his name. He was the only welder and fabricator for 6-14. He was located at the end of the motor pool in his own shop. Can you help me? I have been trying to find out his name for years.
ED Sears, SP4, FLAME4JC@aol.com 
 10 Dec 05: I am trying to get some information that might help my father build the military history of both his brothers who were in WWII.
                     Francis J. Haywood was with "Patton's 2d Armored Division". He served from Feb 19, 1941 to Sep 23 1945. His DD214 shows that he was in the following areas: Ardennes, Central Europe, Normandy, Northern France, Rineland, Sicily. Organization: Battery "C", 14th FA. Military Occupational Specialty: Heavy Machine Gunner
                   This is about all we know other than the citations & decorations that show on the DD214.
                   If you know of this unit or of someone that might be able to help us out, please let me know. I have tried the military but the records for this time frame were lost in a fire.
                  My email is bonniejames2002@yahoo.com
                  The address for my father: Robert Haywood, 4129 W. 161st St., Lawndale, CA 90260
                  I would like to thank you in advance for any help you can offer.
                  Bonnie James
12 Dec 05: Looking for any members of the FO group, B Btry, 1-14FA, from Ft Hood 1967 to their end of tour 1968. My Contact info is artyfo@sbcglobal.net
Douglas Lay.
29 Dec 05:I am looking for my roommate, Roy Duncan, who was from Bremerton, Washington. Contact Allen Ham at allen@indianvalley.com
04 Jan 06: Looking for anyone from Svc Btry, 6-10FA, Bamberg, Germany, 1971-1973. Dion Harris, popieharris@verizon.net
09 Jan 06:  "My father's name is Jack Steven Grouf, HHC 4th Bn, 31st Inf RGT, 196th Inf Bde. Was in country 69/70. papers list him as stationed at ChuLai, place of death, Quang Tri provence, mortar hostile. He came from Long Island, NY, was tall and thin with black hair & blue eyes. MOS was 31B20. Any information is appreciated. Thank You"  Janamarie Grouf , sekhmet325@military.com
12 Jan 06: "I'm looking for someone who was with me at LZ  Action in 1970. All I remember is Dean Crews in Lake City. He has moved and I can't find him. B Btry, 6-14FA. Thanks."
Dean Huffstetler, ginsang49@aol.com
08 Feb 06: "I am looking for LT Robert Grease, FO with D Co., 1-52Inf, 198th Lt Inf Bde. From Aug 1969 through sometime in 1970. He was from South Dakota. My name is Jim Walton (Speedy). I was CPT Lopez's RTO. If anyone knows of his whereabouts please have him contact me at jecwalton@verizon.net
We have a reunion coming up in June and we would like for him to come."
14 Feb 06: "I am looking for anyone who might remember my father, his name is James Golding, he was in Vietnam 69-70, in Kontum. He was on kongstopper (not sure of spelling). If anyone out there knew him please contact me. Tina M. Conklin. vietvet_dad70@yahoo.com   ."
15 Feb 06: "I was in A Co. 4-31, 196, 3d Platoon, Oct 70 to Oct 71. I am looking for: Grayling Wilson, Adolf Gonzales, James MacMillan. If you see this email me".
Would like to contact SGT Parker, HHB Btry, 6-14FA, 1965-66. Went over on the Gordon. Or any one else from that time period. Ernie Coe. ernie_coe@fnbstl.com
14 June 06: I am searching for some close friends that I had when I was with the1-14FA: SPC Andrew McGuire, A Btry; PV2 Richard Mokofsky, A Btry; SGT Morino, A Btry; and PFC Ramsey, B Btry. Contact Michael Bonnette, txbadboy00@hotmail.com
20 June 06: "Looking for a connection:" John Eubank, served with 23d infantry, 1-14FA, D Battery, FDC, from July 18 - Sep 6, 1971. Transferred from II Field Force, 7-8FA." Contact me at johneubank3@gmail.com . 
4 July 06: SP5 Gaffney was the S2 clerk, Hqs Btry, 6-14FA. I think he claimed Illinois as home state. Prior to joining 6-14 he served in Dalat, RVN. He worked for me in the Main TOC, Artillery Hill, Pleiku from Nov 68 to about Aug 69. During the siege of Ben Het he saved newspaper clippings for me while I was engaged up there Contact John Lamerson, one55mm@aol.com