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20 December 2013: James ("Jim") Marlow has joined the Association as our newest Life Member. Welcome, Jim!

11 December 2013: Al Dingman, Life Member, is requesting information from Association Members:
Are there any members of the Regiment who have been diagnosed with Primary Lateral Sclerosis or Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis? I have been diagnosed with PLS. I've read there is an unexplainable number of Veterans currently being diagnosed with these MNDs over the general population (those who didn't serve.) The VA now recognizes PLS, being that it is considered a rare form of ALS. I've done the civilian route for 3.5 years now. I haven't filed my claim with the VA yet. I'm hoping the VA will accept the diagnosis of my civilian Neurologists. My question is... has anybody service connected PLS or ALS with just their civilian doctors diagnosis? Did the VA require you see their "medicate don't compensate" doctors also?
If you, or anyone you know, can assist Al, please reply to his request on the Forum Page, or contact him at clearwateral@northstate.net

06 December 2013: REUNION 2014 UPDATE — Registration for the 2014 Reunion is now open. The Reunion will be held in San Antonio, Texas, 6-9 March 2014. Find the Registration Form and schedule of events on the Reunion 2014 page.

29 November 2013: Thanksgiving greetings from LTC JP Maddaloni, Commander, 1st Battalion 14th Field Artillery and the Steel Warriors who are deployed to Southwest Asia. We send our thanks to the Battalion and their Families for all they do for the rest of us. We ask God's blessings to keep them safe.


13 November 2013: The Association welcomes our newest Life Member, Stewart Ridgeway, 1st Battalion.
17 October 2013: Clem Smiley has a new e-mail address — csmiley@rhinowimax.com
10 September 2013: The Association welcomes John Large, 6th Battalion, as a new Tri-Annual Member.
12 August 2013: Go to the Buddy Search page for a message from Larry Carter, HHB 1st Battalion, 1969-70.
10 August 2013: The Association is saddened to learn of the passing of John R. Sartain, Jr., a Life Member since 2008. John served with Charlie Battery, 1st Battalion, from September 1967 until September 1968. We send our thoughts, prayers, and condolences to John's family.
31 July 2013: A Buddy Search request regarding Wilfred Small, B & C Batteries, 6th Battalion, 1972-73, has been posted to the Buddy Search page.
15 July 2013: The Association welcomes our newest member, Charlie Wright, 6th Battalion.
13 July 2013: Anyone who served with William "Bill" Shiveley in C Battery, 6-14 FA, 1968-69, is asked to contact his daughter, Candice, at candiland71500@yahoo.com .

21 June 2013: From James Hughes —  "Does anyone have any information about Col. Scribner 4/14 Commander at Ft. Sill around 1970-1971. Also 1st Lt Bill Cheek was the FDO in the Battery that I was the EX in." Please contact James at skiphughes172@bellsouth.net.
28 May 2013: Click here for the May edition of the Steel Warriors Newsletter news from 1st Battalion 14th Field Artillery.
22 May 2013: Joe Goeke, Association Chaplain, has offered a prayer for the victims of the tornado in Moore, Oklahoma. See the Chaplain's Corner.

18 May 2013: Armed Forces Day.

A tribute to the brave members of our Armed Forces, past and present, who throughout the years have sacrificed to preserve our freedoms.

As we observe
Armed Forces Day and Memorial Day,
thank you for your dedication and service to our country.

05 May 2013: Several members have asked about contact information for John Lamerson. We have received updated information for John posted on the Active Members page.
01 May 2013: Click here for the latest edition of the Steel Warriors Newsletter with news from the Soldiers and Families of the 1st Battalion 14th Field Artillery.
29 April 2013: See the Buddy Search page for a note from Chris Jensen regarding a sapper attack on B 1-14 FA at Kham Duc in August 1970
13 April 2013:  Chapter 32-50 of the Special Forces Association held its monthly meeting in the 1-14 FA Regimental Room. The 1-14 FA Commander, LTC Jon Paul Maddaloni, was presented with several items and a certificate by the chapter president. The battalion has allowed the chapter to hold its April meetings at the unit for the past 3 years. An additional picture is included that shows both MSG Matt Dorman and myself with Frank Richard and Richard Kleckner in their WWII airborne garb & RVN jungle fatigues.




11 April 2013: 1-14 FA held a battalion deployment ceremony at the Reinhart Gym. Alpha Battery, Bravo Battery, elements of HQ Battery, and the 578th Maintenance Company left for the UAE for an expected 9 month tour for international training purposes.
04 April 2013: The Soldiers of 1st Battalion 14th Field Artillery Regiment will conduct a Deployment Ceremony on 11 April at 1400 at Rinehart Gym, Fort Sill.
04 April 2013: The Association received the following request for information from James Washington:
"Looking for my buddies from A Btry 6/14 1968-1969 in Pleidjereng,in the Central Highlands. We were on the 8 inch gun,The Atey 8. Looking for Pfc Barker,Pfc Rice,andPfc Brown.We were the gun crew on the big Gun. Sgt. Maldonado is gone home. If anyone has any information on these soldiers,contact SFC James Washington, Retired at sawwtoothe@aol.com.All the guys were from Chicago,Illinois area."
24 March 2013: We have added a new page for sharing pictures from the Branson Reunion in June 2012. If you have pictures to share, please send them to termind@verizon.net.

17 March 2013: The Association welcomes our newest Life Member, George Cressman, 1st Battalion.
17 March 2013: If you have pictures from the 2012 Branson Reunion to share on the website, send them to the Web Master, termind@verizon.net.
27 February 2013: LTC Jon Paul Maddaloni assumes command of 1st Battalion at Fort Sill. David Laukat and Clem Smiley represented the Association at the ceremony. Pictures of the ceremony are on the Steel Warriors page.
21 February 2013: Received the following request for information from Larry Gates:
My name is Larry Gates and I am looking for my infantry company's FO, 1st LT Graham Allen (Atlanta GA). He served with me in Co C, 5th/46th Inf Bn, 198th BDE, Americal Division (Chu Lai) during January/February 1971. He would probably remember me as 'lg'. We were in a fire-fight together while on a benign water patrol. He may be able to help me with a VA claim. His RTOs were Marcus Lutz and Don Garcia. If anyone knows the whereabouts of any of these men, please let me know.
Contact Larry at larrygates@midco.net if you can help getting him in touch with any or all of these people.

10 February 2013: Bob Bruce, who served with 6th Battalion Sep 1966 - 1967, recently returned to the Pleiku area. He has provided a very interesting report on his visit. Read his "Return to Pleiku" article here.
09 February 2013: If anyone has contact with, or a current e-mail address for John Lamerson, please contact Roy Huff.
14 January 2013: The Association is saddened to hear of the passing of one of our members, John Eno, on 30 December near Waukon, Indiana. Please remember John and his family in your thoughts and prayers.
04 January 2013: The Association welcomes Gary Patton, 6th Battalion as a new Annual Member.